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What we do

Lightboard-Paris is a design and creative strategy consulting agency

What we do:

Make: craft brands and bring creative projects to life

Make it known: communicate insightfully

Design is everywhere: beyond the products, it embodies the brand in the collections, communication, in workspaces, in point of sale. Within the brand experience, design is the spark to business, image and innovation.

Triggering the spark requires:

Knowing its codes, its actors, its geography and its cultural dimension

Sustaining consistency from the conception to operational execution

This is what Lightboard-Paris brings to its clients:

Design expertise in France and abroad

The expertise of its implementation throughout the value chain to boost the business

Who we are

The founder of Lightboard-Paris, Bénédicte Colpin, developed a career in design. Having held key positions in a wide variety of structures, from brand identity consulting to collection management, she has worked with leading actors throughout the design world.

AN INTERNATIONAL NETWORK OF EMERGENT AND WELL KNOWNED DESIGNERS Lightboard-Paris cultivates its creative network grown over the course of her projects. The founders’ driving force has been to seek out exceptional designers and see that these relations deepen with proposals for new projects.

LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL AGILITY Creation is inherently cultural. Lightboard-Paris works to ensure local relevance as well as adaptation that guarantees an international resonance.

A MADE TO MESURE APPROACH Creation is a human adventure. Lightboard-Paris chooses expert partners according to the final goals of each project in an independent way, privileging competence and relevance.

THE ABILITY TO BRING EFFICIENCY TO THE VALUE CHAIN Creation is a complex process that brings together actors with diverse skills. Lightboard-Paris ensures the harmonious coordination between these different actors to guarantee the respect of the artistic direction, the requirement of quality and the manufacturing deadlines.

Bénédicte Colpin joined the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris as a press attaché in 1996 after training as an auctioneer. Her predilection for design led her to join the Agence 14 Septembre as co-director, participating in the emergence of design in France in the 2000s: establishment of major Italian brands, young publishers, galleries, auction houses and designers who are today internationally recognized.

She then became collections director at Swarovski, artistic director at Baccarat, director of communications and partnerships at Merci. Entrepreneur, she founded designerbox, the first online sales site of exclusive design objects in 2012 and Lightboard-Paris in 2015.

She is now the creative consultant for entrepreneurs, investors, corporate groups and institutions.

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