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Our job

LIGHTBOARD® enlights your organization and your development strategy, structures and facilitates your path, values your expertise and creativity

Our clients

LIGHTBOARD® offers dedicated services for businesses and creatives working within the lifestyle industry in France and abroad

Our references

LIGHTBOARD®, expertise in the areas of creation, communication and the development of values

LIGHTBOARD ®  founded by Bénédicte Colpin

Bénédicte Clopin

After being in charge of the press service of the Paris Decoratives Arts Museums as well as working as Communications Director both in agencies and in-house, Bénédicte Colpin, switched from supporting projects in their development to leading them as Collections Manager for a large multinational. She then co-founded an innovative model of sales for designer items online.

Throughout this 360° carreer she collaborated with major design brands and the most famous designers of their generation. With her advice and network she participated in the developing and raising awarness for many companies in France and abroad.

After working for others for many years, conscious of the benefits gathered during many entrepreneurial experiences thanks to her generous and unique approach, in 2016 Bénédicte Colpin decided to launch LIGHTBOARD® according to her own values.